Monday, April 14, 2014

Sgarbossa’s Criteria

The great debate. Can we, as paramedic's, diagnosis or identify an MI with a patient who suffers from a LBBB (left bundle branch block) or a paced rhythm? Well, the answer is simple, yes we can. As long as you follow the Sgarbossa Criteria, you may be able to identify an MI.

Now, let's break down what the Sgarbossa Criteria is. But first, we must learn a few key terms. Concordant is when everything is on the same side as each other, whereas disconcordant is when the QRS and ST segment are on opposite sides.

> Sgarbossa Criteria A 
     - Concordant ST segment elevation of >1mm
     - In any lead
> Sgarbossa Criteria B
     - Concordant ST segment depression of >1mm in leads V1, V2, V3 
> Sgarbossa Criteria C
     - Disconcordant ST segment elevation of >5mm
     - In any lead

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