Monday, November 5, 2012


You get called for a male complaining of chest pain. You arrival on scene and find a 72 y/o M sitting in his chair. Pt is A&Ox3.Vitals are, blood pressure 148/86, pulse 120, resp 18, skin diaphoretic. Pt is complaining of 8 out of 10 chest pain, describes it as "pressure and tightness." Pt stated that the pain start about 30 minutes ago, and has progressively worsened.

Your Assessment:

Focus History:
Age: 72
Sex: M
CC: Chest Pain
Meds: Lisinipril and ASA
Hx: Hypertension, Diabetic
Pain Scale 8 out of 10
Description: Pressure, tightness

BP: 142/88
Pulse: 116
Resp: 18
SpO2: 98% RA
Skin: Diaphoretic
Sugar: 122
Monitor: Sinus Tach

-Give oxygen via NC @ 2 LPM
-Give 324mg of baby ASA orally
-Start IV, 18-20 gage at TKO
-Give one 0.4mg tablet of Nitro

Patients states that the pain has went down to a 4 out of 10 after the nitro. He still feels mild pressure and some tightness. You wait 4 minutes, and recheck his blood pressure and pulse. Blood pressure is now 136/86 and a pulse of 100. Your monitor is showing normal sinus rhythm. Patient again states the he feels "much better" and the pain has subsided for now. You continue to monitor his vitals, EKG, and his pain.

Radio Report:
Your radio report will vary depending on how you personally give a radio report. Report should takes less than one minute. 

Life Hospital, Life Hospital, Alpha 45, Priority 2 traffic. Go ahead Alpha 45. Life Hospital, Alpha 45, enroute with a 72 y/o M, complaining of chest pain. 8 out of 10 with pressure and tightness. Pt was showing sinus tach on monitor. Pt was given 324mg of ASA and one nitro (0.4mg). Pt's pain went down to a 4 out of 10 after one nitro. Pt is also on a NC @ 2 LPM. Currently showing Normal sinus on monitor. Hx of hypertension and diabetes. Vitals are as follows: BP: 136/86, pulse: 98, resp: 18, SpO2: 100% on NC, Sugar 122. ETA 5 minutes.

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