Sunday, November 25, 2012

Clinicals 2

So I'm over a week into my clinicals. I have successfully performed some paramedic skills while working in the ER. I missed a few IVs, but it was really hard to see the veins. Don't worry, I have plenty of successful IV starts and blood drawls. :) Overall, it is a lot of fun. The night shift is a little boring/slow, but that's okay because I am able to keep some studying in while the patient's that are in the ER relax and nap until vital time.

I have more clinicals starting this week. Hopefully we have the sign up sheet out this week so I can sign up for the next month. I do clinicals twice a week, for 12 hours. I also work 48 hours a week, two 24 hr shifts, and class twice a week. Yea, my weeks are hectic, but I love it!

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