Saturday, August 3, 2013

Random facts that you should know

Here are a list of things that you should remember.

1) When the body is not able to use glucose as a primary source of energy, adipose cells being to break down, resulting in ketoacidosis.

2) Grave's Disease includes agitation, emotional changes, insomnia, heat intolerance, weight loss, and exophthalmos.

3) Urticaria is/are raised areas or wheals on the skin due to histamine release.

4) Sharp pain that travels along a definitive neural route is called, somatic pain.

5) Pain that originates in a region other than where it is felt is called, referred pain.

6) Dull, or poorly locatie pain, that originates in the walls of the hollows organs is called, visceral pain.

7) You should inspect a patient's ABD in the following order: inspect, auscultate, palpate, percuss.

8) Crohn's disease is an idiopathic inflammatory bowel disorder associated with the small intestine. 

9) Diverticulitis is/are small out pouching of mucosal and submucosal tissues, that pushes through the outermost layer of the intestine. 

10) The best way to cool down a heat stroke patient is to place a sheet that has been soaked in tepid water, over the patient. 

11) If a patient ingests one hundred 500mg tablets of ASA, the patient is most likely going to suffer from liver failure and death. 

12) You have DIB patient. He able to speak in only short broken sentences. This is because he has a decrease in tidal volume, which is inadequate for him to speak in full sentences. 

13) Arsenic poisoning is classified as a skin rash, metallic take in the mouth, and explosive diarrhea. 

14) A patient with AFIB, is more prone to developing an emboli, due to the irregularity of the heart contracting.

15) The main difference between syncope and grand mal seizures, is that with syncope, the patient is usually standing when they have a syncopal episode. 

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