Monday, August 19, 2013


A seizure is caused by an electrical defect in the brain. This abnormal electrical activity than causes the body to "shake" or go into a seizure-like activity.

Our brain controls the movement of our body. So, any abnormal electrical activity of the brain will cause an altered movement in our body.

Here is a list and description of each type of seizure.

Focolmotor Seizure

Grand Mal Seizure
-Loss of consciousness
-Full tonic-clonic motion

-A seizure that is caused by physiological effects
-"Seizure" can be stopped by telling the patient to "stop"

Status Epilepticus
-A continuos seizure that lasts longer than a few seconds
-Seizures that occur back to back without any regain of consciousness

Petit Mal / Absence Seizure
-Sudden, brief lapse in consciousness
-More common in children than adults
-Patient may look like they are looking into space for a few seconds

Complex Partial Seizure
-Loss of consciousness

Simple Partial Seizure
-No loss of consciousness
-Feeling of fear, anger, sadness
-Unusual feelings or sensations
-Altered sense of hearing, smelling, tasting, seeing
-Dysphagia or aphasia

Focal Motor Seizure
-Staring spells

Myoclonic Seizure
-Brief, involuntary twitching of a muscle or group of muscles

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