Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Septic Shock - Code Sepsis

You have a patient who presents sick. They are hot to the touch. In addition, they are hypotensive and tachycardia. They should sinus tach on the monitor.

You are interviewing the patient and their family, and they inform you that the patient has recently been citing an infection.

When the infection gets so bad, where to much toxins has entered into the body, the body starts to go into shock. Thus, you have septic shock. Due to the shock, the blood vessels, dilate, which will cause a reduction in BP, but the heart is trying to work harder and faster, so they will be tachycardic.

As the infection continues, and more and more toxins are released into the body, the body will start to shut down. Fast recognition and treat is vital to keeping this patient alive. Septic patients need high doses of antibiotics.

Now, you are called to help this patient, so now we need to treat them. They are hypotensive, at 88/52 with a heart rate of 104 bpm. This patient needs an IV (biggest gage you can fit, in the most central site), and consider starting another IV line. In addition, this patient needs oxygen, ECG monitoring, and rapid transport to the hospital. Septic patients are priority 1 patients.

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> Elevated Temp or Hypothermia
> Hypotension
> Tachycardic
> Tachypnea
> Altered Mental Status
> Unresponsive
> Elevated WBC

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