Monday, April 28, 2014

Strain vs Sprain

Two common injuries that commonly get confused, is the difference between strain and sprain, and what associated injuries results.

If someone suffers a sTrain, than that person has an injury involving the Tendon(s) and/or muscles. And easy ways to remember is, is that their is a "T" is strain and a "T" in tendon. In addition, the tendons is what connects the muscle to bones.

Strains are diagnosed by pain, muscle weakness, muscle spasms, edema, inflammation, and cramping.

For those who suffer from a sprain, than that person has an injury involving the ligament. Their is no real "easy" way to remember this, but if you remember that strain is associated with tendon, due to the "T's", than the only part left, if the ligaments. The ligaments connect bone to bone.

Sprain are diagnosed pain, edema, bruising. The patient may also have heard or felt a "pop" or other strange noise, for the affected area. In addition, the patient will have trouble or is completely unable to move that joint.

Strains are caused by overuse of a muscle or tendon. Whereas a sprain is the overstretch, over flexion, or direct/indirect trauma to the ligament, due to knocking the joint out of place.

When treating these patient's, it is important to immobilize the joint and affected area. In addition, rest, ice, and keeping the affected area elevated, is the best method of treatment. This allows the area to try to heel itself. Yet, it is important that the person does go and see their family physician, for a follow up, or go to the ER for evaluation.

This post is NOT intended for medical advice. Consult a physician. 


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